Here I Am! The Living Bread
Coming From Heaven!

“Mistery of Faith!”
“A Play of the Holy Spirit”


One of the two large Hosts lying on the paten, the upper one, lifts suddenly up, while the Bishop, with His hands laid on the offerings is pronouncing the word “…ton” followed immediately by “…Esprit”.

This shows in an unexpected way that, while the words “Holy Spirit” have not yet been spoken, the lifting action has already started. This foreseeing action makes true the words of the Psalm 138: “Even before a word is on my tongue, Oh Lord, all you know about it “, so disclosing that is God who works here, preceeding the spoken words. “He alone can act in such a way!”.

The Bread filled by the power of the Holy Spirit, who comes in it, responding to the invocation and to the laying of hands on it, clearly shows to have become the Body of the Risen Lord Jesus. (It floats in the air lightly in an inexplicable way, beyond the laws of the physical nature of bodies; it is floating, brilliant). This is an evident sign of the host being surprisingly transformed, “made” spiritual, because it has become the Sacrament and the real presence of the Lord, the Body of Jesus Christ, the Risen Lord.

The matter and form of the Bread, are assumed by Him, to make Himself present, in the same way He has done after his resurrection, making Himself truly and materially present with the disciples, several times and with the Magdalen: “sub aliena specie“, under different appearances: as a wayfarer, a gardener….

This also shows that He, the Risen Jesus, with His Body and Blood, is “The Living One”, Who gives the “Spirit” without measure; He now has become concretely “the Bread descended from Heaven” and, with all His humanity too, He is “Spirit Giver of Life”.

According to the Oriental Church the consecrating and transforming action of the Spirit happens exactly during the “Epiclesis”, while, according to catholic theology, this is going to happen when the Priest pronounces: “This is my Body/my Blood… ” for both: the bread and the wine.

This levitation of the bread, after being offered, has an extremely deep meaning, it confirms christian belief and the Holy Spirit gives an evident sign of His powerful, alive, sanctifying action, which makes really present in the bread and in the wine, yet not seen and perceived by our senses, the Body and the Blood of our Risen Lord Jesus. In fact, as soon as He is invoked, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, comes upon them, converts them, but keeping intact to our rational sensible experience, the “Eucharistic Offerings”.

The Sanctifying action itself is subsequently operated by the Spirit, through which Jesus will transform us, who receive Him, into Himself, however leaving our humanity intact on the outside.

After the transformation/sanctification operated by the Spirit in these events, it is by them surprisingly confirmed how the Lord Jesus Himself is listening and obeying to the voice and invitation of His ministers: this will encourage the believers to receive His Sacrificed Risen Body (the Lamb of the Apocalypse) and His shed Blood; both really present when the priest takes them in his hands and offers them to us.

In this unique “visible manifestation” fixed by the cameras, above and beyond any possible trick of magic and mental powers, Somebody shows, in a displayed and explicit way, the real action of the Spirit of God on the Hosts. 

What happens is experienced and observed by the three concelebrants, who were surprised, incredulous and hesitant on how to react. This Wonder proclaims that at every Holy Mass the same real action will take place, even though in an invisible way. Our poor and little faith will be helped and reinforced by this sign so to firmly believe in the most Holy and omnipotent presence of the Holy Spirit in every Eucharist; He works the “Miracle”: the real presence of the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus, that is offered first by the Father to us, then it is given to us by Jesus Himself with the Communion, by the hands of the priest.

The Mother of God, Mary, wished with this representation, happened in Her Shrine in Lourdes, to instruct and to convince all priests and faithfuls about the greatness and reality of this immense gift, The Eucharist, containing the divine and human risen life of the Lord Jesus, his Son and Lord.

Through this sacrament God nourishes His life in us and our life in Him.

The Church of God in France, and in all nations, is certainly aware to be in need of this delightful act of love, wanted by the Lord and His Mother: we are grateful for it. The Immaculate Virgin has performed a gesture of Communion with all Christians, giving a special message to the Orthodox Church and to all other Oriental Churches. A Bishop of Oriental rite was present with his characteristic garments in the celebration. This could mean for them that they Think right in what they believe and teach about the exact moment of the transformation/consecration of the Holy Host operated during the Holy Mass celebration. The Virgin Mary also tries to give them a message: that She has really appeared in Lourdes as Immaculate, even though many Orthodox prefer to ignore Her visit and presence of grace in that place; they consider the declaration of this catholic dogma not necessary.

The light flowing between the two Hosts is unique, irreproducible. A vibrant fluctuation, active and lively can be noticed, which unceasingly streams between them. In its central part it is always present, but it constantly modifies in size, intensity and coloration. According to the Byzantine Liturgy, this suggests the communion, in the Holy Spirit, between the heavenly Church and the earthly One, when they move two lamps, rotating them in concentric turns, so to spread light. With such a liturgical gesture they symbolize the attained communion between Heaven and Earth. This fact, represented in the oriental Liturgy by the lanterns, here in Lourdes is reproduced by the two Hosts: one suspended in the air, the other lying on the paten. The upper one indicates the spiritual dimension of Resurrection and Eternal Life in Christ, instead the one lying on the paten, the dimension of the today’s Church still living on earth: both of them are brightened and kept in communion by the flowing light (the Holy Spirit), that runs between them, and that at the same time keeps them unified; the Hosts remain both steady at two centimeters distance one from the other.

The two Hosts remain separate from each other until the final doxology, when they join again   and the Bishop raises the paten with the Hosts proclaiming: “For Christ, with Christ, in Christ, to You God The Father Omnipotent in the Unity of the Holy Spirit all honor and glory for all ages”

At this point the Superior Host, the Heavenly Church, joins the lower One. They become one voice, one body, one heart, to say and express, in us and with us, both the praise to the Holy Trinity and, soon after, praying the “Our Father”. This to show that Mary, our Mother. and all the Saints are praying within us and with us. I hope that the Holy Spirit and Mary will disclose more details, suggest other meanings about this very simple event, so important; so precious to us, because it is God’s work.

Whoever has eyes to see and ears to hear can talk to the Churches of God in the world with this delicate and beautiful sign, happened during the joyful celebration of Eucharistic Sacrifice in the house of the Immaculate Mary, Mother of God and ours, in Lourdes, France.

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