One night during a Dream, Saint John Bosco saw a big boat among the sea waves, that he immediately perceived as being the Holy Church. It was attacked all around by enemy boats trying to destroy it and sink it. He saw two white tall marble pillars arising from sea waters: on the top of one of them there was Jesus Eucharistic Host, on the other there was the image of the Immaculate Virgin Mary. The Boat is docked to the two pillars with ropes both on the right and on the left. As soon as moored to the pillars, all of the enemy boats are hit and they all sink.


In these troubled times the Holy Church is attacked and hit by internal and external enemies with the intention of destroying it. In order to let the Church of Christ dock at these two pillars I felt the urge to propose to you to pray together the two following supplications, to protect and defend ourselves and all of the Christians:

“Jesus Eucharist, living Bread and remedy of Immortality:
our Salvation is You”.

Joined and accompanied every day to the Holy Mass
and Eucharistic Communion:

“Immaculate Virgin Mary, make us love Your Son Jesus,
our Salvation”.

Joined and accompanied to the daily recitation
of the Holy Rosary.

I would invite all Believers, men and women, often to recite with their heart, mind and lips, with true faith, these two short prayers addressed to Jesus Eucharist, to the Immaculate Mary, so that we can get “the joy of being saved”.

It seems to me that this message given at the Three Fountains by the Virgin Mary of the Revelation, appears to unite with each other the two invocations to Jesus Eucharist and to the Immaculate.

“The Word God, my Son, in view of His Coming through me, has created me already in the Salvation, so that I could give God made man, who is Salvation”.

In Jesus our Lord,

A poor monk of the Saint Church Orthodox Catholic.

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